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Sydney Morning Herald 2005

Renovate Kitchens
“If you want to renovate your kitchen, but lack the time or talent, Design 33ºS can help. Nicola Onslow, who has more than 20 years’ design experience, gets the best deal from tradesmen and cabinetmakers.” Architects and designers can take you so far but they often leave clients to organise their own joinery,” Onslow says. “With only a few specialists working in cabinetmaking, people often turn to kitchen companies that confuse everyone with their ‘free measure and quotes’ and the pressure of the sale.”

By Melissa Penfold
July 7, 2005


Think Local

With kitchens being the central hub of most homes, design is crucial. Find out how to get it right, with room to update.view more

By a student of ISCD,
July, 2010