Part 2 of ‘Call in a Pro’

As promised, this is the next instalment of 'Call in a Pro'.  It will give you a bit more insight into who to use for your kitchen design and renovation.   The next three on the list are Kitchen Companies, Builders, and Budget/Do-It-Yourself.   If you use a Kitchen Company, do your research as some companies are fabulous and very experienced while others are merely retailers and have very persuasive [.....]

Call In A Pro

Time to call in a pro!   You've done your homework and written your list. The first three points covered in the previous blogs have prepared you so you're ready to get down to the nitty-gritty.  Go armed with your research as this will help an experienced expert make your dream a reality. (Another reason to be honest in your evaluations!)   Next big question to ask yourself:  "Who to [.....]

Your Wish List

For me, good design combines functionality and aesthetics.   Something has to work well and achieve its purpose but do it with style and beauty.   I'll expand more on that in another blog, however it is also relevant now when you start to write  your Wish List.   You've done all your research, compiled all the information you've gathered and hopefully not confused yourself!   Take [.....]